Who We Are

Kidz Steps Centre offers therapy for children and teenagers with
Autism (ASD), Developmental Delay, Speech Delay, or having Behavior Problems in school.

We specialize in providing intervention for children with Delays and Autism (ASD).

Unsure on how to help your children?

If you have concerns about possible delays on your child, we are here to help. You can talk to us to identify whether your child is just being slow or at risk for developmental delays.

Explore Our Success Stories

KK was only 3 years old before he joined us. While being suspected to have ASD, he did not talk much and had a hard time understanding what was happening around. After 6 months of intervention, we started to see improvements. Communicating with simple words, understanding instructions, and loving to play with other kids, the progress was so great that he was no longer suspected as autistic.

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