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If you are the parent of a child with delays, you have probably searched long and hard for ways to help your child to learn and growth. Because when children with delays are giving the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed. They just need some extra support and time.

We all now fighting the pandemic together by STAYING AT HOME, but doesn’t mean that we need to stop helping our child. We aware that all parents want to help their child and wondering “How to do it?”. We have the answer for you. We are now offering an online-consultation-service that helps you to start THERAPY for your child at home. Working with a consultant is less stressful and more effective than working alone because our consultant can consistently support you.

You do not need a degree in education to teach your child or knowing the best method in teaching . Our consultant will provide the best –fit activities for you to practice with your child at home. Our consultant will also support you on how to guide your child in a mindful way that creates an ideal environment which allows your child to learn and grow in a positive way. All sessions will be conducted through video call.

 Benefits of Online Parenting Coaching 

  1. Effective 
    Parents will typically have more time with their children! We also believe that learning starts from home. When parents actively take part in teaching, many have shown improvement in just a few months. 
  2. Convenient 
    You can send your consultant a message from anywhere, be it on the web or mobile, without having to worry about traffic or parking problems anymore.
  3. Affordable
    Online Parenting Coaching aims to lessen parents’ burden. Our fees are typically less costly than face-to-face therapy.

FAQS for Online Parenting Coaching Program

  1. What do I need for a successful session?
    You don’t really need anything extra than what you might already have. All you’ll need is:
    1. An electronic device (laptop or phone) for video call.
    2. An electronic device (phone or camera) to record a 10 – 15 minutes session with your child.
    3. A play area that is suitable for the session.
    4. To be able to spend more than 1 hour with the children without interruptions for at least 3 days per week.

  2. How do I know this program is suitable for me?
    This program was designed for parents who wish to support their child with delays or special needs at home.
  3. What language will this program be conducted in?
    It will generally be in Chinese (Cantonese / Mandarin) or English.

  4. What materials do I need to prepare?
    Most of the materials needed can be found at home.

  5. What are the terms and conditions for this program?
    1. Consultation is scheduled at 45-60 minute per session.
    2. Fees are to be fully paid after enrollment. All fees are not refundable or transferable except for the event of discontinuation brought forward by us, and your payment shall be returned the remaining fees only.
    3. Please take note that we will not charge you for absenteeism due to illness or emergency situations under the condition of you being able to notify us one hour before the session.
    4. There will be a charge of RM 100 for all absence without notice.

  6. Are there any hidden charges?
    No hidden charges! We only charge RM1500 for 10 sessions.

  7. Who will be my consultant?
    Your consultant will be selected based on your needs and the consultant’s area of expertise and availability of both parties.

  8. How can I reach my consultant?
    You can reach your assigned consultant through email or mobile.

  9. How to enroll in this program?
    1. Just contact us for an appointment.
    2. Our consultant will contact you for an FREE ASSESSMENT and discuss the suitability of this program for you and your child before starting the program.

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