Developmental Delays: If you are worried, Act Early

Watching your child roll over, crawl, take their first step, wave “bye bye,” or say “mama” are cherished moments for parents. These milestones demonstrate their growth, development, and important achievements. The way your child plays, communicates, interacts with others, and learns provides valuable insights into their development. If you notice that your child is behaving differently from other children, it could indicate potential developmental delays.

These milestones are different for each age range. Developmental milestones show a normal range of skills that most children are able to perform by certain age. For example, walking may begin as early as 9 months in some children. At the age of 2, most of the children can speak in 2 to 3 words phrase (for example, “eat rice” or “mummy come”) or follow two-steps instructions such as “take your bottle and put on the table”. It is important to recognize your child’s developmental milestones and know what to do if you have concerns about your child’s development.

If you child (below 3 years old) shows any of the signs of below, your child might need help:

  • Seldom smiles or looks at others
  • Seldom shows affection or points to show things to others
  • Being too quiet
  • Can only say a few words
  • Unable to follow simple instructions
  • Shows no interest in interactive games

If your child (below 4 years old) shows any sign of below, your child might need help:

  • Have unusual fear of strangers or new environment
  • Easily get emotional
  • Can’t play along with other children
  • Doesn’t play pretend
  • Doesn’t know how to play with simple toys
  • Hardly understands what others say
  • Unable to answer simple social questions like “What is your name?” or “Where is your bag?”
  • Having difficulty speaking in sentences
  • Has very short attention span


We’re here to assist if you’re concerned about your child’s development. Our free consultations can help determine if your child is progressing at a slower pace or if they may need support for developmental delays. Our team of clinical psychologists and therapists are ready to help you.

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