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Kidz Steps now offers online learning for children with special needs. All these short courses are specially designed for individuals to continue to learn and grow in a positive way. Each of the courses targets different areas and skills.

Be a fixer or breaker
Self-regulation is an important life skill. This program aims to teach children to be a Fixer, knowing how to handle and express feelings, instead being a Breaker.  
The Power of Eyes
We use our eyes socially. We constantly observe what is happening around us. This program aimed to improve student’s social awareness and how to be observant.
How to be a Social Detective
Thoughts, feelings and behaviours are important concepts. This program aims to improve student’s understanding of this relationship and learn to make better social decision.
The Power of Listen
Listening is more than just hearing with ears. It includes other body parts too. This program aims to help student to improve in listening behaviours and learn to listen attentively.
Conversation 101 class
Having a successful conversation is not easy. This program will help students understand the important components (choosing a topic, staying in topic & ending a conversation) for a successful conversation.  
Ready, Set… Speak
This is a language skills program that encourages students to speak with clear voice, learn to tell stories and describe events.

Outline of the program:

  • 15 sessions for each course
  • Our session is on a one-to-one basis, and requires a minimum attendance of 1-hour session  at least once a week to ensure the effectiveness of the program
  • Sessions are conducted from Monday to Friday. 

Individuals that will be benefit

There is no age limit for our courses. The program is suitable for all individuals with special needs who can do simple reading and writing.

How do I get my child involved in Online-Learning?

Step 1: Contact us to set up an appointment
The purpose of this appointment is to meet with our consultant, who will explain about our program and assess the suitability of this program for your child.

Step 2: Intake Assessment
This assessment includes:

  • parent interview
  • observation and assessment with your child
  • discussion with parent about the findings of the observation and our recommendations

Step 3: Arrange the time and start the program

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