Understanding the Differences Between Early Intervention Program and School Readiness Programs

Early Intervention Program and a school readiness program are both educational initiatives, but they serve different purposes and target different age groups of children. Here’s how they differ:

Target Age Group:

  • Early Intervention Program:
    Early Intervention Program is designed for children above 2 years old. It focus on providing support and services to young children who have developmental delays. It aims to address developmental and learning challenges at a very early stage of a child’s life.
  • School Readiness Program:
    School readiness programs typically target children who are approaching the age to enter formal schooling, usually above 5 years old. These programs aim to prepare children for the transition to school by building foundational skills and knowledge.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Early Intervention Program:
    The primary goal of the Early Intervention Program is to provide early assessment, intervention, and support to children with developmental delays to minimize the impact of these challenges on their future development and learning.
  • School Readiness Program:
    School readiness programs focus on preparing children for formal education by developing their social, reasoning, academic and emotional skills. This programs aim to ensure that children have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed when they enter primary school.

Services and Interventions:

  • Early Intervention Program:
    Early Intervention Program typically provides a range of services tailored to the individual needs of each child, which may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and special education services. It often involves working closely with parents to support the child’s development.
  • School Readiness Program:
    School readiness programs often include activities and experiences that promote early literacy, numeracy, social interaction, and emotional regulation. These programs may involve structured learning activities, play-based learning, and socialization opportunities.


  • Early Intervention Program:
    Early Intervention Program is for children that had identified as having a developmental delay that may affect their development. Eligibility can determined through evaluations and assessments.
  • School Readiness Program:
    School readiness programs are generally open to all children within the target age group, regardless of whether they have specific developmental delays. The focus is on preparing all children for a successful start to formal education.

In summary, Early Intervention Program is a specialized program for children with developmental delays , while a school readiness program aimed at preparing older children in the preschool age range for the transition to formal schooling. Both programs play important roles in supporting children’s development, but they have different focuses and eligibility criteria.

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