FAQs on Early Intervention: Addressing Common Concerns of Parents with Special Needs Children

A real-life looks at special needs

When a child has just been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Speech Delays or Developmental Delays, questions and concerns immediately flood in parents’ mind. Parents would like to know what they need to do first, what they need to know and where to looks for treatment to help their child. We understand how parents feel and we hope that This article could offer guidance to parents by providing insights into early intervention program.

Right from the start, we would like parents to keep in mind that children with special needs are children too. Just like typical child, they have things that they like or hate. They have their own personality. He or she might be shy, cheerful or sensitive. However, the primary difference lies in their learning process, as they face additional challenges in acquiring new skills. Child with special needs face more challenges in learning compare to typical child.

  1. Behaviors
    May children with special needs exhibit poor regulation skills such as wait patiently, stay calm and maintaining attention. These challenges can hinder their learning process
  2. Social Skills
    Most of them needs extra support in understand how to relate themselves with others effectively and appropriately. They need guide to play along with peers or feel comfortable to face new people and environment.
  3. Speech & Language Development
    They require more times to learn how to express themselves and understand how communication work.

Children with special needs can learn and growth with support. They just need more love, understanding and time to learn.

The role of Early Intervention Program?

Early Intervention Program aimed at providing young children with special needs a head start in bridging developmental gaps. Early Intervention enhances their overall development by teaching them skills that other child their age acquire naturally.

Children rapidly grow, develop and achieve important milestones between birth to 5 years old. Hence the younger the child with special needs attending Early Intervention Program, the better able we are to close developmental gaps.

But this does not mean that children with special needs stop learning after 5 years old or is too late to start intervention after 5 years old. Starting the intervention earlier provide greater opportunities to close up the developmental gap with their typical peer.

Does Early Intervention Program provide all the services that the child needs?

Early Intervention Program could help to improve the child’s condition. But some children do need extra help from speech therapist, occupational therapist or others professional to improve their condition. Is always good to consult professional like developmental pediatrician, child psychologist or clinical psychologist to determine the necessary services.

Parents also should take note that there is no guarantee that more is better. Parents need to try to maintain a balance between intervention services and letting the child just be a child. Children with special needs also need to have enough rest, normal childhood activities and family bonding time too.  


Children with special needs have the capacity to learn and grow with adequate support, love, understanding, and time. Early Intervention serves as a crucial tool in empowering these children to reach their full potential, ensuring they can navigate life’s challenges alongside their typical peers. Balancing intervention services and embracing the child’s right to be a child is key to their holistic development.

Feel free to reach out to us today if you are seeking an Early Intervention Program for your child. We offer free consultations for parents eager to learn more about how our program can make a positive impact. Discover additional details about our Early Intervention Program:

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