Kidz Steps Centre is a psychological centre that offers affordable enrichment programs for children, adolescents, and young adults to assist them in nurturing their full potential and achieving their dreams. Founded in 2014, we established the centre with the belief that every child can be taught and nurtured to grow with the right amount of love and patience.
Inspired by the ideas of step-by-step guidance for children to follow and grow, we have planned, crafted, and refined fun activities over the years for children to learn, even while playing. We established Kidz Steps Centre to provide for the children’s parents and guardians as well. All our services are reasonably priced, to provide better support for those in need. Parenting Coaching is also available for adults that are more than willing to learn more about taking care of their children with special needs.
In our field, we all believe that we can’t change the world for them, but we can provide a space to support and build them up to learn and adapt to the world. We believe every child deserves a bright future no matter who they are, as they are the best hope for our future. Together we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.

We Have Many Years of Experience in the Field

Throughout the years, we have always aimed to do more, not just for children with special needs, but for the community around it as well. Have a look at what we have done in the past, and we ensure that this list will continue to expand with the years to come, as we strive to be a centre that will truly be a safe haven for children and parents alike.

  • 2014

    At the beginning of our plan to develop a centre, we started thinking of a service that could reach out to just about anywhere at any time. We wanted to help parents to be able to educate their children, even in the comfort of their own home. So we introduced the “Home-based Early Intervention Program”. Along the way, we also held some community service projects to further expand our reach of assistance to those in need. We held a Motivation Camp in SJKC Redang Panjang Taiping and after that, a Team-Building Programme at Pertubuhan Kebajikan Harapan Baru.

  • 2015

    Gaining traction in our efforts to help special needs children, we then introduced “Social Skills Training for Special Needs Children” to further develop and enhance their skills in public to enable them to fit into society.

  • 2016

    Children always love to play. Reaching out to the younger children, we created the “Playgroup for Young Special Needs Children”.

  • 2017

    We started providing free consultation services to reach out to more parents and children in need, and to let them know that someone is out there willing to help them in their times of need.

  • 2018

    We started planning out on making our services centralized, making it easier to connect with the children and the parents, while at the same time giving proper education and intervention more effectively to more children in a shorter amount of time as they are able to join and learn together rather than separately in their own homes. Thus, the “Centre-based Early Intervention Program” was born. To further increase the public awareness of the centre and special needs children in general, we held a “Rockin’ Resource Fair” along with a parenting workshop on “How to Teach Through Play”. We also collaborated with A. Learning Star to have a one-day camp for special needs children.

  • 2019

    As our services and support started to grow, we realized we needed a bigger space if we were going to continue to serve more children with special needs. So we relocated to a bigger space at Bandar Puteri Puchong to provide better support to all families. We then collaborated once more with A. Learning Star to start-up an EIP program for families in Kuching, and held a parenting workshop on “How to Manage Behaviour and Develop Effective Communication at Home” to teach parents the right way to educate their special needs children.

  • 2020

    It’s not only the young children that need help, but those in their teen-years as well. We started a new service for adolescents called “Support Group for Teenagers” to reach out to a wider age group to assist those in their teen-years.To further boost the support for the busy working parents with special needs children, we conducted an “Online Parenting Coaching Program” so that parents at home could still learn to educate their children appropriately without having to be at the centre.

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