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Online Learning for Special Needs

UNLEASH YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL “Easy, Convenient, Risk-Free | With any Device” Kidz Steps now offers online learning for children with special needs. All these short courses are specially designed for individuals to continue to learn and grow in a positive way. Each of the courses targets different areas and skills. Be a fixer or breaker Self-regulation is an important life skill. This program aims to teach children to be a Fixer, knowing how to handle and express feelings, instead being a Breaker.  The Power of Eyes We use our eyes socially. We constantly observe what is happening around us. This program aimed to improve student’s social awareness and how to be observant.How to be a Social Detective Thoughts, feelings and behaviours are important concepts. This program aims to improve student’s understanding of this relationship and learn to make better social decision.The Power of Listen Listening is more than just hearing with ears. It includes other body parts too....

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Centre’s New Practices | Stay Safe

Social DistancingThere will no longer be any walk in enquiries. Enquiry will only be available through phone or email.There will be no meetings between parents and therapist unless there is an emergency. If you have any questions, you can contact us through email, WhatsApp or call Miss Chew.Strictly no parents, siblings or family members are allowed to wait in the centreParental observation is not allowed. If you have any concerns, please contact us.The therapist : child ratio will be 1:1 at all times. No group activities allowed.Only assigned therapist will be in contact with the child. Miss Chew will be in charge of the child should there be an emergency.Parents will only be allowed to enter the centre when there is  an emergency.No more than 5 children are allowed in the same time-slot and all sessions will be isolated and distanced from each others’ teachers and children.Children are not allowed to participate in any activity in the same space. All children must stay in their...

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Developmental Delay: If you are worried, Act Early

Rolling over, crawling, taking the first step, waving “bye bye” or calling “mama” are all memorable moments for parents. All these moments show that the child is growing, developing and achieving important milestones in his or her life. How your child plays, communicates, and interacts with others or learns offers important clues about your child’s development.These milestones are different for each age range. Developmental milestones show a normal range of skills that most children are able to perform by certain age. For example, walking may begin as early as 9 months in some children. At the age of 2, most of the children can speak in 2 to 3 words phrase (for example, “eat rice” or “mummy come”) or follow two-steps instructions such as “take your bottle and put on the table”. It is important to recognize your child’s developmental milestones and know what to do if you have concerns about your child’s development. If you have concerns about possible delays in your child’s development,...

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