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Chew has an intensive educational background when it comes to child psychology. After her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she started working as a Child Therapist under the supervision of a Clinical Psychologist, focusing more on children with emotional or behavioral problems. As soon as she completed her master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, she continued to commit herself to the field of child therapy, but narrowing into children with special needs. Now, she is a registered counsellor and she hopes that building this centre will be the next driving force in developing children with special needs.

She adores children immensely and has always enjoyed working with them. It always brought a sense of meaning to herself whenever she could help a child along with their family.

To Chew, having unconditional love is more important than anything else in the world. She believes that knowledge alone is not enough when working with children with special needs. Loving these children could sometimes be the tipping scale in building a connection and they will change, as long as you believe in them.

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