Early Intervention Program

Our one-to-one Early Intervention Program (EIP) is designed to offer a therapeutic and supportive environment for children who show signs of delays. The program focuses on maximizing children developmental growth and fostering their existing strengths. Various skills will be taught systematically throughout the program in accordance with the child’s level, like communication skills, play skills, social skills, reasoning skills, and motor skills. Our main goal of EIP is to equip our learners with all the necessary skills to be able to attend a mainstream setting.

Early Intervention Program (EIP) can come in many different forms. Our program incorporates Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching methods and Play Approach. Play is interesting and is an effective way to teach children, especially for those with delay or requiring special needs. All children love to play, including children with special needs, and play time provides the children with opportunities to learn. However, some parents might think that playing is not that important to children, as they worry that the children won’t learn anything. In fact, play time is learning time for young children. For example, playing “doll house” could help children to build up fine motor skills by asking them to place small objects into the play “house” or dressing the doll. In the process of playing, the therapist could also teach the children about preposition and vocabulary about place and furniture.

The guided play could stimulate the development of memory skills, the understanding of sequences, and the acquisition of concepts associated with numbers, colours, sizes, positions, and others. Learning through playing is less stressful and more fun for children who have always faced problems adapting to traditional teaching methods.

Our Early Intervention Program (EIP) has helped many, and most of them have successfully “graduated” from their sessions and attended schools just like any other typical child.

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