Playgroup for Special Needs

Most special needs children are socially unskilled, and parents found out that it is hard to teach them social skills. They have tried explaining in more ways than usual about how they should behave, but it just doesn’t connect. They are often at a loss when it comes to understanding why their children just refuse to behave properly, but in fact, they just lack practice and guidance.

Deficits in social skills can be caused by the lack of opportunity for positive social interaction. Special needs children face problems like not being able to mix around with peers enough to develop necessary social skills that are needed in life. The lack of social interaction is one reason why special needs children are socially unskilled because they were not aware that social skills were necessary and useful for them.

There are children that know the ways to behave but don’t have enough practice to display them competently. Greeting somebody may seem like something simple, but it involves different skills like eye contact, appropriate personal space, clear and happy voice tone along with friendly body posture. Children need guidance and practise before they could perform all these skills to greet someone politely. Sometimes, parents get so worried about their children and try any method that they can think of to have the child perform appropriately in the public. This creates tension and anxiety within the children and interferes with their ability to perform the desired behaviour well in the situations.

Social Play Group is specially designed for children with special needs. This is a weekly training program that will teach, improve, and reinforce positive social skills and traits that could help children to perform and act better at home, school, or at public. We also provide a fun, challenging, and nurturing environment to help children to increase their confidence and self-image.

Areas that are focused at:

  • Emotion Regulation
  • Self-regulation
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Expressive Skills
  • Friendship Skills
  • Discipline and Responsible


  • Being able to practice daily social skills in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment
  • Able to learn social rules and norms
  • Able to learn to work in groups
  • Able to learn to follow rules and regulations
  • Improves emotion and self-regulation skills
  • Improves problem solving skills and conflict management skills

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