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Managing Problem Behavior at Home

A Guide to a more Confident and Effective Parenting To curb the Covid-19 pandemic, we are encouraged to stay at home and limit our time spent outside. This new normal has greatly impacted children with autism. Disruptions to their daily routines can be extremely stressful for them. As a result, there may be apparent regressions in their skills and understanding which cause a higher likelihood of them having meltdowns. Have a look at our tips here to introduce new routines to them as well as to ease their anxiety during these times of uncertainty. Create a Schedule To help your children to understand and adapt to new routines, you may create daily schedules for your children to follow at home. Routines may include activity like learning time, exercise time, snack time, meal time, shower time, nap time, TV-time and free play time. By presenting the schedules visually, it helps your children to understand the daily expectations and to reduce their anxiety.  Calming...

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