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Readiness for Mainstream Education: Is Your Child Prepared?

School Readiness: Is my child ready to go to mainstream? Choosing the right school for children with ASD and ADHD can be tough for parents. When kids reach school age, parents often feel pressured to enroll them. However, we’ve seen that some children struggle in school because they aren’t fully prepared. This can lead to stress for both parents and children. Story 1: A Boy with ADHD Meet Ken, a 7-year-old boy having a hard time at school. He finds it tough to stay calm, often daydreams in class, and has trouble following rules. Teachers complain that he interrupts class a lot and doesn’t listen. When teachers correct him, he sometimes throws tantrums and gets sent to a discipline room. He also gets upset easily and even fights with his classmates. Story 2: A Boy with ASD Now let’s look at Tim, an 8-year-old boy with his own school struggles. Loud noises bother him, and he shouts at his classmates when it’s too noisy. He doesn’t...

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