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Therapy For Speech Delays: Enhancing Your Child’s Communication Skills for Better Outcome

Speech delays are a common issue among children. There are various causes of speech delays, including hearing loss, developmental disorders, and environmental factors. Early intervention is crucial for children with speech delays. At Kidz Steps Centre, we offer intensive speech program that is customized to meet the distinctive requirements of each child. What is Speech Program ? Our speech program included a range of evidence-based techniques and activities to improve a child’s speech and language skills. We customize our goals based on the unique needs of each child and track their progress through regular evaluations. The benefits of speech program include: Improved communication skills Increased confidence and self-esteem Better academic performance Enhanced social interactions and relationships Improved behavior and attention Speech delays can have a significant impact on a child’s development and well-being, but with early intervention...

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Autism or Speech Delay: Understanding the Differences in Your Child’s Development

What is Speech Delay? A speech delay is when a child is not progressing in their language and speech abilities as expected for their age, resulting in difficulties with articulation, pronunciation, and understanding language. Children with speech delays may struggle to express themselves effectively through speech, leading to difficulties in communicating their needs and wants. They may not able to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and requests for assistance.   Additionally, children with speech delays find it challenging to comprehending what others are saying to them, resulting in difficulties in making friends and following teacher’s instructions at kindergarten. These challenges in effective communication may lead to feelings of frustration and irritability, making the child more prone to tantrums. What are the possible reasons for speech delay There are many potential causes of speech delay in children. Some of the most common causes include: Hearing...

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